Percepio supports Zephyr and Microsoft Azure ThreadX

The release includes the company’s next-generation trace recorder library with improved support for snapshot trace – snapshot recording opens the door to using its cloud service (DevAlert) for monitoring application code executing in deployed IoT devices.

Trace data can now be saved in a ring buffer on the target system, for both Zephyr and ThreadX, in addition to existing streamed recording.

“The new trace recorder library has been crucial for the new support for Azure RTOS ThreadX and Zephyr RTOS,” said Percepio CEO and founder Johan Kraft. “Both streaming trace and snapshot trace are now supported in the same solution and use the same trace format, which makes it far easier to maintain and improve. This will soon enable us to provide an official SDK for partners and customers that wish to integrate Tracealyzer and DevAlert with their RTOS of choice, or with bare-metal firmware.”

The new recorder library will be included in the Zephyr 3.0 release.

For operating systems like Linux with a lot of threads, Tracealyzer also now has a dynamic legend feature to improve the legibility of timeline views, revealing which events belong to which process or thread.

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