Photo relays trigger at 2mA

The input current “reduces energy consumption by approximately 33% when compared to existing Toshiba products such as the TLP240x series”, according to the company.

There are two parts:

  • TLP223GA
    400Vmax 120mA 17Ω output
    turn-on 1ms max (50% of TLP240GA)
  • TLP223J
    600Vmax 90mA 30Ω output
    turn-on 0.5ms max (75% of TLP240J)

Pulsed on current it triple the continuous value for both.

For outdoor installation, operation is over -40 to +110°C.

Packaging is 4pin DIP, with leaded and surface-mount options. Isolation is 5kVrms and, for use in equipment requiring reinforced isolation, creepage and clearance distances are 7 or 8mm depending on package type – and maybe reduced by PCB design.

Applications are foreseen in smart meters, passive infra-red (PIR) security sensors and building automation. “They are also intended for use in industrial applications such as PLCs [programmable logic controllers], I/O interfaces and many types of sensors,” said Toshiba.

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