Toshiba TCK207AN Load Switch IC

Toshiba TCK207AN Load Switch IC offers a 0.75V ultra-low voltage with a slew rate control driver and reverses the current blocking (SW OFF state) function. The TCK207AN is ideal for power management and portable applications that require high-density board assembly such as SSD, HDD, cellular phone.

The Toshiba TCK207AN Load Switch IC supports a switch ON resistance of only 21.5mΩ (typ.) at 0.75V, -1.5A condition, and output current is available up to 2.0A (DC).

The TCK207AN is housed in a DFN4A (1.2mm x 1.2mm, t:0.38mm) ultra-small package.


  • VIN = 0.75V to 3.6V Low input voltage operation
  • IOUT (DC) = 2.0A High output current
  • Low ON resistance :
    • RON = 21.5mΩ (typ.) at VIN = 3.3V, -1.5A
    • RON = 21.5mΩ (typ.) at VIN = 1.2V, -1.5A
    • RON = 21.5mΩ (typ.) at VIN = 0.75V, -1.5A
  • Built in Slew rate control driver
  • Built in Reverse current blocking (SW OFF state)
  • Built in Auto-discharge
  • Active High and Pulldown connection between CONTROL and GND
  • DFN4A (1.2mm x 1.2mm, t: 0.38mm) Ultra-small package

Block Diagram

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