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When it comes to the great Windows laptop rental versus MacBook rental debate, a lot can be said for the sleek and stylish nature of Apple’s products. However, when it comes to functionality, cost, and versatility Windows laptop rentals are unmatched. Anything that can be done on a MacBook can also be done on a Windows laptop at a fraction of the price. Here are 5 reasons you should choose a Windows rental over a MacBook rental. 

Cost savings

When it comes to laptop rentals, you’re actually paying a premium for the Apple name. Rather than spending extra money needlessly on MacBook rentals, our Windows laptop rentals can provide the same functionality at a fraction of the price.

Even our cheapest MacBook rental is more expensive than most of our Windows laptop rentals. Selecting a Windows laptop will allow your team to accomplish the goals of their project without tying up extra money in your budget. Request your quote today to learn more about the price difference between MacBook rentals and Windows rentals. 

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More options

Apple is the only company that makes MacBooks, but there are several companies that make machines that run on the Windows OS. When it comes to selecting your laptop rentals for your event or project, it’s important to remember that MacBooks offer far fewer options than Windows laptop rentals. 

With Windows laptop rentals, you have more options when it comes to the processor and RAM in your rental than you do with MacBooks. Although MacBooks may be marketed toward creative professionals, Windows laptop rentals can also offer the power and speed needed for photo and video editing.

Game with confidence

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It’s no secret that gaming is securely in the realm of Windows machines. Only a fraction of the games on the market today can be played on Macs, and the graphics card found in most Macs lack the power necessary to render games effectively. Our Windows gaming laptop rentals also offer superior support for VR than their MacBook counterparts. Check out: Best Gaming Laptops of 2018 for more guidance on selecting the right laptop rental for your gaming tournament.

Common ports

Since 2016, MacBooks and MacBook Pros have only come with USB-C ports, meaning that you need an adapter to connect non-USB-C accessories. Most Windows laptops still feature HDMI, SD card, and regular USB ports, meaning that your users can connect with a far greater number of devices than MacBooks. The USB-C may be the future of data transfer and charging, but for users still using USB equipped devices the wider array of ports offered by Windows laptops is definitely a plus. 

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Windows made easy

The Microsoft Office Suite is the most widely used productivity software for businesses. While Microsoft makes a version of its popular software for the MacBook, the Windows version comes with far more features and is more stable than the Mac version. 

The operating software that powers Windows machines offers more settings and tweaks than those offered by macOS. These extra settings allow users to more easily customize their Windows laptop rental experience. 

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