Chrome OS Flex can resurrect your old MacBook or PC — here’s how to do it

I know what I am about to write will seem blasphemous to 99.9% of MacBook users but, here we go. Google’s Chrome OS Flex is a new viable free option to extend the life span of old MacBooks and PCs. Although Chrome OS Flex has a modern feel and feature set, its flexibility stems from being a lightweight OS that computers with aging specs can operate efficiently. Many older MacBooks that are collecting dust on shelves or in closets can be brought back to life and be valuable tools in your tech arsenal again; all you have to do is, dare I say, upgrade to Chrome OS Flex. 

The cloud-based OS only needs 16GB of storage and 4GB of RAM to function, so just about any Mac can be upgraded to Chrome OS Flex and used for basic things like checking email, working in Google Docs, and enjoying online content. You could also donate it to your local school, as the need for working laptops has grown since the start of hybrid learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic (via Macworld). 

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