How to get macOS Ventura’s best features without the update

MacOS Ventura adds several new tools. It lets you repurpose your iPhone as a webcam, declutter your messy collection of windows with a click, and much more. But like any major update, it also has its fair share of bugs, and most people will think twice before loading up Ventura on their main Mac right away. Thankfully, you can replicate some of its best features without updating.

With third-party apps, you can have some of the best Ventura additions on older versions of macOS. Camo, for instance, turns your iPhone into a webcam. TextSniper can grab text off of any video snapshot. The list goes on. Here are the best macOS Ventura features you can replicate on your Mac today.  

Use your iPhone as a webcam

One macOS Ventura highlight is that it lets you use your iPhone’s excellent camera and microphone for video calls on your Mac. But you don’t need macOS’s latest update for that; just download a free app called Camo instead.

(Image credit: Camo)

Camo allows you to take advantage of your iPhone’s camera and microphone on video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime, and others. 

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