How to watch Severance online: Where to stream, release dates and trailer

How far would you go to achieve the perfect work/life balance? Severance is a brand new sci-fi thriller from the mind of Dan Erickson that stars Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, The Good Place) as Mark Scout, a seemingly regular office worker for an especially secretive employer in Lumon Industries. There’ll be a lot to uncover as Severance begins its first season soon, and we already have the answer to one pressing question — how to watch Severance online. If you’re looking for the best way to catch the latest episodes of Severance online in the US, UK, Canada or Australia, look no further.

In the show, Mark and his co-workers have willingly undergone a surgical procedure known as “severance”, rendering them unable to access their personal memories while at work, and their work memories during their regular lives. While such a level of secrecy would normally raise more than a few eyebrows, we are assured that the Lumon corporation is a good corporation. However, that claim is thrown into doubt when a former co-worker shows up in Mark’s life, setting about a chain of events that sends him on a quest for answers about what actually happens during his 9-to-5 life.

Severance seemingly exists somewhere between Philip K. Dick’s novelette Paycheck and the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) from Remedy Entertainment’s Control. So, if you’ve ever wondered what day-to-day life might’ve been like for the pencil-pushers of the FBC before being caught between The Hiss and the end of Director Jesse Faden’s Service Weapon, this show’s mix of sci-fi, mystery and 70s corporate aesthetic might be worth a watch.

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The first season of Severance kicks off with a double episode on February 18, so if you’re looking for a new mystery to steep yourself in, let’s go over how and where you can watch Severance online.

Severance official trailer

How to watch Severance online in the US, Canada, UK and Australia

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