Isolated gate driver works up to 2.3kV

Called 1ED332x, and branded ‘F3 Enhanced’, they come in 300mil wide DSO 16 packaging with 8mm creepage distance.

Operation is expected with devices between 600V and 2.3kV – abs max output supply for the output side of the chip is 40V.

DELA DISCOUNT Infineon-1ED332xMC12N-gate-driver-300x112 Isolated gate driver works up to 2.3kV DELA DISCOUNT  Bipolar output-side  supplies can be used to pull the gate negative (left).

The input-side chip inside can be directly connected to a standard
3.3 or 5V DSP or microcontroller, and dual inputs allow either logic polarity to be used.

Typical propagation delay is 85ns, and the company claims 15ns max IC-to-IC propagation delay matching.

“The tight propagation delay matching allows minimum deadtime improving system efficiency and decreasing harmonic distortion,” it said. “The driver family provides short-circuit clamping and active shutdown as well as an active Miller clamp.”

Isolation is though a coreless transformer, and safety certification is to UL 1577 with Viso at 6,840Vrms for 1s and 5,700Vrms for 60s. Insulation intended to be reinforced to VDE 0884-11 with Viorm = 1,767Vpeak (pending).

Application is expected in industrial drives, solar systems, electric vehicle charging, energy storage and commercial air conditioning.

EVAL-1ED3321MC12N is the matching evaluation board (pictured).

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