Miniware MDP-XP Smart Digital Power Supply kit

Miniware is one of the versatile technical service companies that has introduced its programmable linear DC power supply, MDP-XP. During the interfacing procedure, this MDP-XP (Mini Digital Power Supply) can link numerous devices at the same time. With MDP-XP’s modular design, it enables you to improve the fundamental capabilities of a device. Along with its unique user interface, it is a low-cost, reliable, and stable DC power supply. An STM32 smart chip controls this MDP-XP, allowing the users to customize the parameters and upgrade the firmware at any time. It includes a Display Control Module (MDP-M01) and a Digital Power Module (MDP-P905).

MDP-M01 Display Control

With the MDP-M01 Display Control, you get a quick and easy-to-learn interface that enhances the user experience. Equipped with a 2.8-inch 90° flipping TFT screen, it has the potential to display the real-time voltage/current waveform. It also supports data statistics, and automatically pairs and controls 6 sub-modules or the display power modules. This Display Control features dual thumb wheels which consist of a value wheel and the menu wheel. The value wheel controls the adjusting values whereas the menu wheel can be utilised for selecting the options.

MDP-P905 Digital Power ModuleDELA DISCOUNT Figure-3-MDP-P905-digital-power-module Miniware MDP-XP Smart Digital Power Supply kit DELA DISCOUNT

On the other hand, the MDP-P905 Digital Power Module provides a high-efficient linear output of up to 95% with 0.25mV ultra-low ripple. This Power Module delivers a 4µs high transient response along with precise fine-tuning of 0.001V and 0.001A. The 4MM high-quality copper interface plays a big role in providing protection against high current corrosion. The DC input voltage range is between 4.2V and 30V, which further reduces to 2.7V after startup, meanwhile, the output voltage is 30v/5A.

Features of MDP-XPDELA DISCOUNT Figure-4-MDP-XP-features Miniware MDP-XP Smart Digital Power Supply kit DELA DISCOUNT

  • A wireless connection of 2.4G makes it possible to achieve a multichannel combination at the power of 90W per channel. This wireless connection supports the Display Control, as well as the six Digital Power Modules.
  • The low load regulation contributes to the accurate power supply. On the other hand, the intelligent line loss compensation ranging from 5mR to 100mR results in tremendous power transfer.
  • In addition to presenting precise waveforms, this software can save data up to 7MB with a maximum recording limit of 24 hours. The load and the power adjustment rates are <±0.01^% and it also supports Qualcomm’s quick QC3.0 port.
  • In addition to its high cost-effective programmable linear DC power supply, it is necessary to consider the safety parameters too. Hence, MDP-XP offers 6 safety protections, including input overvoltage, under-voltage, anti-reverse connection, anti-backflow, overtemperature, and overcurrent.
  • The programmable output, timing output, sequential control, automatic compensation, and other innovative features fulfil a huge spectrum of testing requirements.

DELA DISCOUNT Figure-5-MDP-XP-Kit Miniware MDP-XP Smart Digital Power Supply kit DELA DISCOUNT

This high power supply unit can be used in R&D laboratories for universal testing and teaching experiments, maintenance of digital devices, testing of power supplies in devices, or to provide refined power for digital-analog hybrid circuits which have high accuracy and for devices that deliver Hi-Fi audio and for more applications and detailed specification visit the product page.

The smart MDP-XP Digital Power Supply kit is available at a price of just $210.00. With this price, you get an MDP-M01 display module, an MDP-P905 power module, a 2.5mm Audio to Micro USB Cable for data, and two 4mm Banana Plug to Alligator Clip output cables, a 2.5mm Audio to USB Type-A cable, and a user manual. For more information about this product visit Dfrobot’s official website.

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