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A TV Hotspot allows you to watch free to-air television channels on your SmartPhone, computer or tablet.  A TV Hotspot is quite small to look at, could be the size of a wallet or could even be the size of a credit card depending on the make.

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TV Hotspots create their own Wi-Fi hotspot no need for a router to
connect to the Internet, it allows you to carry it anywhere with you.

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However you will need to install a TV Hotspot app for your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac device. TV Hotspots reception could be poor when indoors, but to be honest Mobile TV Hotspots are made for outdoors where the signal is great.

So not much reason to use mobile hotspots while at home. Mobile TV Hotspot can be connected to an external antenna to improve the reception indoors.

While out doors they will pick up just about every available channel coupled with high reception bars where image quality will be great similar to that of a TV apps such as the BBC iPlayer that streams video over mobile data connections. 

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Mobile Users must note that with Mobile TV Hotspots while , some factors can say what level of reception you receive, factors like any surrounding buildings and the distance from the broadcast antenna,  leading to different experiences of TV hotspots.

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What is The Distance SmartPhone users can watch TV from a good Mobile TV Hotspot?

The reception range with your SmartPhone (or other display device) when indoors or out should allow you a roaming distance range of 18m indoors and more outdoors 30m (as the reception is better) to watch TV roaming freely within the range so you don’t dropout. 

Some hotspots can connect to your home Wi-Fi to boost connection, which may boost the range, however this will depend on the speed and quality of your router.

A good Mobile TV Hotspot to look out for are the ones that that over deliver, that give SmartPhone users more for their money, like the ones that have slots for an optional microSD card that allows you to record live television, schedule and record your favourite TV  programmes in the future.

Note however that, not only must you make sure that the TV Hotspot is connected to a power source but it must also be in an area of good reception in order to record tv programs in the future successfully.

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Mobile TV Hotspot as a POCKET SERVER

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The best TV Hotspots Have the capability to act as a server allowing and providing you and multiple users the ability to view images, listen to music and of course watch streaming videos stored on a microSD card. 

So this comes in very handy when you want to view or need to share content recorded by the Mobile TV Hotspot.

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On average the battery life on a good TV Hotspot should last you will a good three to four hours when transmitting TV programmes to your SmartPhone.  And for added bonus guess what?

They can be used to charge your SmartPhone when out and about so basically it a portable mobile phone charger when it needs to be, all you need to do is plug your SmartPhone (or device) into the TV hotspots Micro USB port.

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So it serves SmartPhone users in more than one way,  it over delivers and it does it quite well.

So in a nutshell with Mobile TV Hotspots

• With your SmartPhone You get unlimited live TV

• You will save money as you don’t need internet connection and TV license

• Provides you its own WiFi network, 20 m coverage indoor and 40 m outdoors

• you get a good 4 hours of viewing time when outdoors

• Acts as a portable mobile phone charger when you need battery power

• Set up, Record and Share your favourite TV programs

• Save and record your fav TV shows to hand with a Micro SD card

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