My Über Intelligent Phone (Sony Xperia M2) 😍😋

by Kamila

(London (UK))


I love my SONY ! I must confess that it was not love at first sight after purchasing, why? Same week went back to the shop to return the phone because I felt the touch screen was too sensitive.

Just with the warmth of the finger close to the screen and doing it really fast wouldn’t allow me to stay in the same page without changing every second, if I was scrolling or just holding.

My lucky day came when they didn’t accept it back and I kind of forcebly kept it with me because I couldn’t afford another one.

I can say now that after nearly 3 years, I’m more in LOVE with my PHONE than ever! Even tho I dropped it on the floor so many times that I lost count, ..on the train track a couple of times lol.. its all cracked in 100 pieces (the screen)..dropped it in the bath full of water twice same minute, still works as nearly as new. The system…shuts down if it detects something wrong like a virus, after impact from a high fall or water.

I personally would give Above 100% For Resistance to software damage, water and hard impacts. Yes yes yes..I LOVE SONY!!..with 8MP camera and photos are crystal clear on Manual Mode (SCN), autofocus 4.8″ screen, up to 4 fingers multitouch, great for listening to imusic, watch videos, higher battery capacity..overall great technology!👌👌

I would very much recommend/buy for my loved ones and friends 😃

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