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What is the Intel Iris Xe capable of running?

The Intel Iris Xe is one of the most popular graphics processors available in late 2020 laptops due to its integration into Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 G7-series main processors. This configuration is ideal for playing the new slot games coming soon, allowing you to enjoy the best graphics and gaming experience available today!

Iris Xe is the name given to the new integrated graphics built into the upper tier of Intel’s 11th generation laptop chips. The Iris Xe will be included in two of Intel’s latest processors — Core i5 and i7.

Here is a summary of the new chips from Intel:

Intel claims that these chips will roughly double the graphics performance of the previous generation. If these claims prove true, Intel has made a massive step in gaming capabilities for thin-and-light laptops. With Intel’s 11 Generation of mobile processors, you’ll experience new levels of performance to real-world workflows and experiences. Iris Xe delivers transformational graphics and vivid media for creating, gaming, and entertainment on a thin, light laptop PC.

Which games can Intel’s Iris Xe handle?

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While you won’t be able to play your favorite AAA titles at 60 frames per second (fps), Iris Xe achieves very realistic playable frame rates for competitive multiplayer games like League of Legends and Rocket League.

Intel noted that these games were not running at maximum visual settings, but the “medium” settings were representative of real games running at full HD (1920 x 1080).

If the enormous audiences that these games near the chart’s right can seamlessly play their games on razor-thin laptops, the Intel Iris Xe becomes a real game-changer. New audiences who perhaps can’t afford bona fide gaming laptops will have access to games like Valorant and Dota 2, opening up new possibilities for gamers and gaming companies alike.

Able to Compete with Discrete GPUs

While the Iris Xe silicon is built into the processor, testers were stunned when the Xe could compete with low-end discrete GPUs like GeForce MX. See the specific frame rates provided by Intel below:
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Although Xe didn’t win in every category, it’s undoubtedly impressive that it could beat NVIDIA’s current discrete graphics without a dedicated GPU.

The Future of Graphics

Although Iris Xe took a big step in the GPU space, the company looks to make an even bigger splash in 2021 by releasing its first discrete graphics card for PC gaming.

But for now, the possibility of having laptops capable of handling 1080p gaming in the mass-market could be a considerable development for Intel and those looking to have power without sacrificing portability.

Perhaps, for the first time in a while, we’ll see some real competition in the low-end graphics category. After all, isn’t it time someone gave Nvidia a run for their money? With competition comes meaningful improvements, which could open up new possibilities to gamers and companies around the globe.

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Iris Xe and Your Business

Intel’s latest take on integrated graphics could be the leap in processing power the company has needed for the last half-decade. Although the 11th-generation ‘Tiger Lake’ laptop CPUs promise 1080p gaming power, Intel’s latest CPUs’ real novelty is their performance in video editing and work productivity — specifically for businesses.

Whether you’re a business executive that needs to present big PowerPoints and edit videos without slowdowns, a web developer who needs to run dozens of programs at a time without freezing, or an employee that needs to enhance your productivity — Intel’s Iris Xe will not disappoint.

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