SmartCow announces FleetTrackr– AIoT device management platform

Malta-based AI startup SmartCow has announced the availability of a new AIoT device management platform, FleetTrackr, for simplified deployment and centralized management of edge AI systems. All of this will be done through a unified platform using a hybrid-cloud service, specifically for applications, including smart cities, security, surveillance, and traffic management. This is an essential tool for enterprises where thousands of edge IoT devices are deployed in the edge network.

For enterprise-edge AI applications, thousands of edge sensors are simultaneously transmitting data for processing and real-time response. SmartCow FleetTrackr will be used in such situations where there are several AIoT devices connected for smart manufacturing using AI for inventory management, large-scale surveillance, security deployments, and smart retail automation.

“Fleet management software will revolutionize companies’ ability to digitally transform their business operations, and FleetTrackr is at the forefront of specialty AIoT device management software,” said Ravi Kiran, SmartCow at CEO. “We recognize the need for responsive, flexible, and remotely-operated AI solutions as demand increases for efficient, smart technology.”

One of the concerns of the thousands of edge devices deployed on the edge network is reprogramming and updating these devices. With SmartCow FleetTrackr, there comes Firmware-Over-the-Air (FOTA) functionality, which allows the user to manage, monitor, and update edge devices over the air. FleetTrackr’s 24×7 remote management also includes security and privacy features with a 30% reduction in maintenance, time, and labor costs.

There are several key features provided by the company, but some of the important ones, include device lifecycle management, Firmware-Over-The-Air updates, predictive maintenance capabilities, issue management, Out-Of-Band functionality, and support for multiple IT environments. The Out-Of-Band functionality gives you the flexibility to remotely send updates to your device and allows firmware backup and recovery whenever the device goes wrong.

“FleetTrackr allows administrators to update all the devices in the desired network with new software without spending weeks planning and executing deployment plans,” continued Kiran. “FleetTrackr enables users to not only identify problems with large fleets of devices, but to perform software updates as well as backup and restore firmware when a device turns out to be faulty, making the experience seamless, efficient, and secure.”

SmartCow recently introduced the Apollo development kit integrated with the Jetson Xavier NX supercomputer. The SmartCow Apollo development platform is equipped with onboard sensors, such as four microphones, two speaker terminals, two 3.5mm phone jacks, an 8MP IMX179 camera module, and an OLED display.

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