Spring-Loaded Connectors and Pins in stock

Adam Tech’s spring-loaded connectors and pins are versatile to meet specific stroke lengths, heights, and electrical capabilities

Adam Tech’s spring-loaded connectors and pins consist of a pin, barrel, and steel spring with or without an insulator carrier. They are used in many industries across various applications to ensure a secure, highly reliable connection. Various stroke lengths, heights, and electrical capabilities are available. High-temperature plastics compose the insulators, and unlimited molding designs allow for many different shapes and styles to be created for specific applications.


  • Connector types: compression contact (female or magnetic) or piston
  • 2-20 contacts
  • 0.098” (2.50 mm) or 0.100” (2.54 mm) pitch
  • 1 or 2 rows
  • Surface mount or through-hole mounting
  • Brass or copper alloy material
  • Gold contact finish
  • Sleeve and plunger pogo pins
  • Satisfies high vibration connection requirements
  • IP-rated waterproof sealed styles are available
  • UL certified
  • RoHS compliant

more information: https://app.adam-tech.com/products/index/category:3066

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