Tips for a Winning Legal War Room

Whether you’re an attorney, paralegal, or another integral part of your legal team, you know that an efficient and effective “war room,” a place where your team can prepare for the battle of trial, is vital to the success of winning a legal case. With the stakes already high before and during the trial, it is paramount to have reliable technology throughout your case.

During large trials where your team and technology resources are stretched to the limit, your legal firm may not have sufficient resources on hand that are necessary to get the most out of your case preparation time.

On top of that, although there have been solid advancements in technology, internet-based, and mobile technology in the business world, many lawyers aren’t taking the time to understand some of the great technology that is at their disposal. In fact, according to Today’s Tech: How Lawyers Actually Use Technology, “Despite rapid advancements of technology and the undeniable effects of internet-based and mobile technology on the business world, many lawyers have continued with business as usual.” 

Trial preparation is a team effort. Although there are tons of ways to physically set up a legal war room, the most successful war rooms meet all of your needs. Here’s how to base your war room arrangement on your trial needs and available resources.

Choose the right location

An ideal war room is at a location convenient to your and your legal team, ideally close to both the courtroom and potentially to where your team is staying. Although transportation and location are important to choosing the ideal war room, the functionality of the war room is what should determine the most logical venue. Conference rooms can be good for day-to-day activities, suites and hotel rooms are more permanent but offer limited readily available equipment. Local attorney offices, if available, can be an option for semi-permanent war rooms that can be already equipped with some of the materials and equipment you need. Make sure to factor in the proximity to the courthouse.

Reserve the right technology equipment

Chances are if you’re traveling for a big case, your team isn’t lugging around all of the technology and resources necessary to equip an effective war room. And why would you? When you travel with your own equipment, you’re liable for any lost or damaged items and could be out of luck if something doesn’t work when you need it. That’s why technology rental equipment like laptops, copiers, printers, tablets, projectors, and more are so popular with the legal industry.

In fact, when you rent equipment for your legal team, you’ll avoid the hassle of worrying about if you’ve selected the right equipment for the job – an experienced representative who has worked with numerous war rooms will assist you in every step of your rental, from product selection to installation in your war room (or courtroom) to troubleshooting any problems that arise during your legal battle.


Set up your war room

Typically, setting up a legal war room involves more than just counting workers and providing desk space, you need to make sure you have all of the space and resources necessary to complete the case. On top of workstations similar to a home office, you’ll also need sufficient space for a conference room with seating – not to mention all of the necessary office supplies.

On top of that, a properly set up war room will likely require a broad range of technology equipment and capabilities like:

When you choose the right technology rental provider, like, you’ll be able to fully customize your war room to suit the needs of your unique team and trial. From on-site delivery to installation to emergency troubleshooting services, has you covered. Not to mention with, you’ll receive support throughout your case with flexible rental periods. No matter how long (or short) your legal case runs, you’ll receive full support on your rental equipment. In the event that your case is over sooner than expected, the equipment can be returned early and future rental charges may be terminated.

Support your staff

Although setting up and equipping your legal room with the right equipment is vital to a successful legal battle, it’s also important not to cut corners when it comes to the comfort and happiness of your staff. That’s why we recommend providing some essentials to your staff, especially during long work hours. Some essentials may include:

  • Choosing an appropriate location for your war room, close to the courthouse and near resources.
  • Make sure to visit your war room location beforehand to make sure it will work with your team
  • Create a map with flags for restaurants, copy stores, office supply stores, pharmacies, and any other necessary resources.
  • Provide comforts like a place to rest, work alone, or even get a workout

Pre-trial preparation time for a large case can cause a great deal of stress for everyone involved. The last thing you need is additional problems with making sure your technology is performing as needed. That’s where comes in.

At, we know that time and reliability are critical to the success of your trial. Whether you are strategizing in a legal war room or working in your office, can assist you in examining all rental options for your industry and handling the acquisition of dependable equipment, from the initial quote to delivery and set up.

Our technology rental agents are your one point of contact for your technology equipment rental needs. That includes taking your order, acquiring your equipment, arranging delivery of your equipment, managing setup and installation for your equipment, offering customer support and technical support, and handling your rental pickup.

Due to our on-time delivery, expert setup and installation services, and respect for client confidentiality, is a trusted source for many legal firms.

Visit our PC & AV Rental Pricing Factors page to find out about our pricing estimates.

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