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First, we need to look at the Wireless Monitor Camera with outstanding overall performance. These we  consider to be the top balanced performers.  We shall not only look at Wireless Cameras with outstanding performance in one aspect, like one with the best video quality, full stop.  But we shall focus on above average in overall quality with every functional aspect from video quality performance to audio. 

Netgear Arlo – Wireless Monitor Camera

DELA DISCOUNT xThe-Oco.jpg.pagespeed.ic.kDYkX4EcD5 Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  The Oco – a very good Budget option

The bottom line is that it should be very easy to set up and use with your SmartPhone.

Ok so, they are Wireless Cameras so  high video quality is somewhat vital especially for low-light viewing settings and daytime videos alike.  One with a long warranty would mean product confidence for both buyer and maker.

DELA DISCOUNT xThe-Oco2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3r93oNTERC Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  The Oco – Wall Mountable Too
DELA DISCOUNT xcanary-cam2.png.pagespeed.ic.Cd__3efO9f Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Canary Cam

How to connect your SmartPhone to a
Wireless Monitor Camera

DELA DISCOUNT xBelkin-NetCam.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ds7QeeOk7N Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Belkin NetCam HD – Best Night time Vision

However remember that no wireless camera can provide everything you need (yet), but with Phoneismobile our researched reviews,  we can find the best for you, that fits your needs, by exploring Wireless Cameras with aspects of reviews  for each.

The Main Essentials of a Wireless Monitor Camera for SmartPhones

Daytime and Nighttime

Video Performance is the main reason why you get one in the first place so it should be the most important aspect, a good video output display on your SmartPhone is going to be important to your wireless camera system, there are two modes which are, sew below.

DELA DISCOUNT xSamsung-SNH-P6410BN.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Bw1zZ35auL Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Samsung SNH-P6410BN Smart Cam – The most customisable camera

DELA DISCOUNT xdropcam-and-pro.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4_W2HTepMP Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT


DELA DISCOUNT xNest-Cam-Indoor.jpg.pagespeed.ic.yWEJPhtnLf Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Nest Cam Indoor


Basically a good guide line to follow is camera resolution (pixels) which really has a great impact on a camera’s clarity but take not that it’s not everything.  However, mostly 1080p cameras will perform better than 720p ones, depending on what you need the camera for.

Wireless Cameras should be more than capable to show movement well in the daytime, with least lag and image degradation.  So in the daytime Wireless Cameras ability to display moving objects has to be good.

Day Time

For Daytime Wireless Cameras for your SmartPhone, looking at the two light settings for overall good quality should be, daylight with the lights off and daylight with the lights on, we have selected a few of these.

In either daytime or nighttime, how the cameras handle clarity and movement is what you really need because clarity is how sharp the video picture is as you need to be able to identity what you see on the display screen which in turn depends on the video sensor, focal length and resolution. 

DELA DISCOUNT logitech-circle-best-security-cameras Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Logi Circle


At night a good Wireless Monitor Camera can use infrared LEDs to light rooms that are in complete darkness to aid night-time video viewing,  though video recorded at night does not always show the same details or colors as in the daytime.  What you need to look at first for nighttime viewing is the brightness of the video recorded, the differences between daytime and nighttime video is the reason.  So the bottom line is that cameras with lighter video allows you to differentiate details better than those with dim video.

DELA DISCOUNT ElectrIQ-Wifi Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  ElectrIQ Wifi Pet Monitoring Camera

DELA DISCOUNT ycam-evo-homemonitor-HD Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Y-Cam Evo


The audio on the camera needs to be loud and clear for the Wireless Monitor Camera to perform well, take note that some Wireless Monitor Cameras can have clear audio but at the same time must be loud enough to differentiate the sounds.  That’s why we’ll show you the ones that have built-in microphones and built-in speakers, that allows you to not only hear but in addition talk to people near the camera using the mobile app.

Ease of Use & Connection

Installation, setting up the camera and pairing it with your SmartPhone should be efficient, fast and should take a small number of steps, made easy with the aid of the mobile app.  Even though you’ll only need to go through installation once, it should be easy for even a ten year old to install and use, and as far as for everyday tasks like reviewing recordings, watching videos live , and setting stuff up such as alerts to your SmartPhone, should even be easier using the mobile app.

DELA DISCOUNT smanos-ufo-pt-180-0-_medium Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Smanos UFO – Wireless Monitor Camera

DELA DISCOUNT netatmo-presence-3 Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Netatmo Presence – Smart Outdoor Security Camera

DELA DISCOUNT Piper-nv Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Piper nv Smart Camera – excellent night vision

Using your SmartPhone to connect to the Wireless Camera via Wi-Fi  for a video-streaming service with a low or no dropped connections is what you aim for as Mobile Users could be calling in to view from long distances or even abroad.

help you find the best wireless camera for your needs. While the cameras in our review have different strengths and limits, they’re all good choices to consider. compare our findings with what you want in a wireless camera, a picture of the best camera for your home will come into focus.

All in all our aim is to help you find the best Wireless Monitor Camera for your needs, as we all know that each Persons needs is different from the other and while the cameras we look at here have different uses, strengths and capabilities, while some are just for watching the baby.  But overall we pick the ones that are above average so that what ever you pick on this page, they will all end up being good choices to consider. It’s all about visualising and thinking what you need and want in Wireless Cameras and then simply see if the cameras here match and mirror your needs as we have made it to work that way for you. 

DELA DISCOUNT Withings-Baby-Monitor-5 Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT  Withings Home

Wireless Monitor Camera Buying Monitors?  Here’s The Tips

Philips In.Sight HD M120G Wireless Monitor Camera
you want to to REMOTELY SEE what a camera sees, through your SmartPhone
regardless of distance? You can with the In.Sight wireless monitor;
gives you extra security and peace of mind. This camera records in 720p
high-definition quality, linked to the wi-fi network.

DELA DISCOUNT In.Sight-home-monitor Wireless Monitor Camera DELA DISCOUNT

Plus in addition
to this, It can even see in the dark and when it senses motion using
onboard detectors, it instantly sends an alert. It has a microphone and
speaker on board which means you can (for example) hear what’s
happening and speak to reassure a child, or stop and scare a bugler from
stealing your property or just to remotely monitor and surveil any
kind of situation you choose to.

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