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Smartphones have made human life easier. With the advancements in technology, 21st-century smartphones can do everything from ordering to navigating. For catering to such smart and strong technology, you need to have strong protection cases.

We have compiled the list of top 10 rugged smartphone cases with their pros and cons to make your case buying decision easy:


Otterbox has a wide variety of rough and tough cases for cell phones and tablets, specifically the ones from the Defender series. 

This case for the iPhone comes in three sections: a polycarbonate external packaging, a silicone padding inside, and a thick, sturdy clasp. The case also comes with a charging slot protector for keeping your smartphone protected from dust and water droplets. This case adds durability to your mobile keeping it protected against all the odds and scratches.

Pros: It gives your mobile 360° protection.

Cons: It makes your mobile heavy, minimal protection against water.


Urban Armor cases are the most premium cases that symbolize toughness through their heavy-duty materials. The cases usually come in sturdy bumper protection to safeguard your mobiles from accidental drops. Urban Armor cases fit your mobiles snugly and make your cell phone look aesthetically pleasing. These heavy graded cases are available for both: Android & iPhones.

Pros: Aesthetically Pleasing, durable, protects against damages, highest quality grade, slim fit.

Cons: Doesn’t always come with charging slot protection, increases the weight of mobiles, difficult to fit in the pockets.

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Spigen cases are tailor-made premium TPU cases made with precision to fit your mobiles snugly. The case comes with Air Cushion Technology to protect all four 4 corners of the mobile. It protects against drops, scratches and accidental falls. The casing comes with a button protector to minimize the wear and tear on mobile.

Cons: No protection from dust and water, minimal bumper cover against accidental drops.

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Pelican Shield Case gives complete protection to mobiles. takes protection as seriously as modern technology allows. Constructed using bulletproof material, this case offers five layers of protection to safeguard your smartphone no matter what life throws at it and comes with a lifetime warranty. The ultimate in case construction, the Pelican Shield case achieves 3x military-grade drop protection.

Pros: Premium Built, lifetime warranty, one-time investment.

Cons: Expensive, not resistant to water.

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Add onto your smartphone’s value with sturdy and superior quality Ballistic cases. Just like the name, the case itself symbolizes strength, sturdiness, A+ grade protection against bumps and accidental drops. The build quality is top class and it comes with various soft-touch and transparent case options. If you are planning to buy a rugged case for your smartphone, do consider Ballistic cases.

Pros: Provides ultimate protections on the hinges, aesthetically appealing.

Cons: Might not survive a major accident, not water-resistant, not designs available.

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Lifeproof Fre is another well-known case that flaunts its sturdy build. The Lifeproof Fre offers all-around protection against every single possible risk. Ready to withstand drops from as high as 2 meters, this case additionally incorporates an implicit screen defender. Also, it is waterproof for as long as 1 hour while lowered to profundities of up to 2 meters. With this degree of assurance, the body of evidence additionally shields against dust and debris and has ports, mic, and speakers well sealed. This is the perfect case for the people who love adventure in their life.

Pros: 360-degree protection, from a wide range of colors to choose from.

Cons: Speaker performance dampened.

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One of the most durable mobile covers of all time. The case is highly protective, has easy-to-access ports, speakers, and a charging slot, and is 100% compatible with your smartphone. The case itself has been drop-tested before being delivered to your doorstep. Cock case is also compatible with wireless charging. The build quality is superior and well thought of.  You can invest in this protective case if you don’t wish to invest in a new smartphone!

Pros: Strong and Sturdy, Drop tested by the company, Wireless charging support.

Cons: It’s not resistant to water, charging slots are open to dust and debris.

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These cases are comprised are Intense Grip, Tank Protection Series models. Subjecting upon the phone model, these sturdy cases worked of cutting-edge materials not just absorb the shock of harms when dropped from statures somewhere in the range of 10 and 12 feet, yet they expect to assist with staying away from drops from occurring by any means. Among the most appealingly estimated defensive cases, Case-Mate comprehends the significance of usefulness, taking into consideration wireless charging. With the Protection series, these cases accompany five layers of protection.

Pros: Choose from a wide range of cases, Affordable, Customizable.

Cons: You will have to check for the availability of Tank cases on their company’s website.

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Scooch Wingman cases are one of the most adaptable iPhone cases you’ll at any point find. They are well equipped with numerous valuable elements that assist you to organize and comforting your daily life carrying an iPhone.

Ranging from cases that give a kickstand and incredible grasp to wallet cases that permit you to convey your cash or bank cards, you’ll track down numerous other helpful choices to look over. The best part is that the cases are viable with wireless charging pads to save your time and increase the life of your device keeping your charging slots less used and intact. The cases also come with a stand to take care of your entertainment needs.

Pros: Superior build quality, wireless charging support, stand for support.

Cons: Doesn’t protect your smartphones against water, dirt, and dust damages.

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Catalyst Waterproof cases protect cell phones as no other case does and the company claims to have the highest waterproof specifications on the market. The protective cases also feature a unique rotating mute button that keeps dirt, debris, and water from passing through the case to the device. With protection at its core, there are more modest contacts that make this case incredibly decent and useful, including prevalent sound designing where other, bulkier cases frequently stifle the sound. 

Furthermore, discussing toughness, the Catalyst cases will shield your gadget when dropped from statures as high as 6.6 feet. For clients who need water protection, this case may come at a superior cost yet will offer the sort of protection that numerous different cases lack.

Pros: Waterproof, Sturdy, high-quality, the “ultimate” case.

Cons: It is expensive, not available for a few models.

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This is the list of the top 10 rugged cases that you might consider before making a purchase. All these cases are exemplary as they are made with utmost precision and as per the users’ needs and wants.

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