21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022

In the online world, developing a strong online presence and reputation has oddly become a necessity. Especially if you represent a brand or run a business, having a functioning social media is a MUST. Most of the brands prefer Instagram nowadays and having Instagram followers has become quite a benchmark to measure your online success. Now, there are plenty of ways you can get followers but the easiest and the quickest is to simply buy them. It is so easy to find a website that sells followers but what’s harder is to find one that accepts cryptocurrency. Here is why it is a good idea to buy Instagram followers with Bitcoin along with the websites that accept it.

Why Buy Instagram Followers With Crypto?

The biggest two benefits of using crypto for payments are security and anonymity. Your crypto is decentralized which means your payments don’t have to go through any bank. It also makes international transactions easier and more straightforward without any extra charges.

So if a website you’re buying followers from is based in a different country, it is much easier to use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for payments. Bitcoin is also highly secure and allows you to make big transactions without any trace. 

21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers:


DELA DISCOUNT Viralyft-Instagram-600x180 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Viralyft is arguably the most mainstream and the most popular name when it comes to social media marketing. It is like a supermarket where you can go for anything related to social media and get good deals. Viralyft is also one of the most experienced and trusted websites which makes it safe to trust them.

This factor of safety and security is present all across the website from placing an order to fulfilling payment. Their SSL encryption makes every payment as secure as it can get. Moreover, when you buy Instagram followers from Viralyft, you are guaranteed to get real followers that will engage with your content.

As you are not using any illegal method, you or your account will never get into any kind of trouble. You can buy from 100 to 10k followers at one time. Viralyft promises the best retention rates and their premium followers come with added benefits. Buying the premium packages will get you followers that are themselves followed by thousands of people.


DELA DISCOUNT Socialpros.io_-3-600x275 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Social Pros is one of the fastest and most reliable websites dedicated to the delivery of genuine, high-quality Instagram followers. With a team of experienced social media marketers and full-time programmers, Social Pros can guarantee all clients a fast, efficient, and effective service.

You can begin your journey with Social Pros by going with the beginner plan of 100 followers or jump up straight to the biggest 10k followers plan. Social Pros can deliver fast and most of their orders begin to show their presence within the first 4 hours of placement.

It is also one of the very few websites where you can track the entire progress of your order from the moment of payment. Clients receive an email notification every time their order is delivered so that you don’t have to keep checking every few minutes to see the changes. 

The fact that Social Pros accept Bitcoin payments shows their commitment towards providing the safest and smoothest overall experience for their clients. They are willing to adapt to changes that’s what you need to stay afloat in modern times.


DELA DISCOUNT Follower-packages-600x249 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Follower Packages is one of the most well-known names that has been around for a long while now. Through their trusted service, they can get you as many as 10k high-quality followers by just placing a simple order. If you want more, you can contact the company for a custom package. Follower Packages is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers with bitcoin.

All Instagram followers are real people with active accounts and real profiles. They have their likes, followers, and posts just like any other regular Instagram user. It will interact with your posts; they will like, comment, or even repost them on their own profile if they find it interesting enough. This results in increased engagement and improved social presence in the long run.

Follower Packages allows its clients freedom when it comes to choosing a payment method as well. Other than most of the credit/debit cards, you can use your Bitcoin wallet to pay for their Instagram followers as well.


DELA DISCOUNT Social-packages-1-600x275 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Getting your business to go viral is, for many businesses, like searching for a needle in a haystack. Social Packages, which is one of the best websites to buy genuine Instagram followers with bitcoin, can help you find that needle. Social Packages guarantees the quality of their followers, and they deliver fast.

But most importantly, they provide a phenomenal customer experience and offer an excellent support system. Their customer support service is 24/7 available for all of their clients and you can expect to get frequent replies from actual humans instead of bots. The plans for followers begin from 100 and go up to 10k in total. The company guarantees refills for all plans without you having to pay for them.


DELA DISCOUNT Getviral-600x264 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

GetViral is one of the best websites to buy Instagram followers from today. The social media marketing company was founded in 2017 and has been helping countless influencers and artists get big on various social media platforms including Instagram.

They offer a variety of packages for Instagram followers, ranging from small packages for individuals to bigger packages for established brands. While their biggest plan gives you 10k followers, the company also fulfills custom orders as big as the clients want. Their prices are competitive, with some of the lowest in the market, and their customer service is excellent.

When you buy from GetViral, you are guaranteed to see results within 3 days at the very latest. Like every other inclusion on this list, GetViral too accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. The company promises secure transactions and does not store any data. Bitcoin’s enhanced security and resistance against hacks, adds more to the process being smooth and stress-free.


DELA DISCOUNT ViewsExpert-600x299 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

The founders of ViewsExpert are veterans of the industry and knew what they were doing when they brought ViewsExpert to existence. They understand what their customers need and always try to deliver satisfaction in every way possible. It goes from their delivery speeds to the price tags on their plans.

You can buy followers from a plan range of 100 to 10k followers. All of the plans bring a refill guarantee along. If you notice a drop in your followers, the company will send you more followers for free. They are very flexible in the service they offer and also take feedback from customers into consideration.

As a result, the website is always getting better and has become a favorite in the social media marketing community. It is also reflected in their payment methods. ViewsExpert is always working on including more and more payment methods and their latest inclusion is Bitcoin. 


DELA DISCOUNT Fastlikes-5-600x275 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable, and easy way to increase your social media presence, look no further than Fast Likes. Fast Likes guarantees that all of its followers are genuine, so you can use their services with confidence. 

Buying followers from Fast Likes is simple and you just need to provide a URL to your account. The only time-consuming part here is choosing the right plan for you. Options range from 2500 followers to 10k to accommodate the needs of all scales. 

You will find sites cheaper than this but going for them ends up losing you your money ultimately. These websites use mostly bots or malicious software to give you followers. Some of them just take your money and never reply back. This is why it is stressed over and over again to carefully pick a website. Fast Likes might be slightly pricy but the quality and the accompanying features make it worth spending. 

More websites should accept Bitcoin as a payment method and Fast Likes is one of the few that are already doing so. By doing so, they are not only making payments easier and direct but also safer as it is very tough to hack cryptocurrency. 

Social Rush

DELA DISCOUNT Socialrush-600x264 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Social Rush is a social media marketing agency that focuses on providing Instagram followers to companies and individuals that want to gain more followers. The company is a leader in the field, offering high-quality follower packages at affordable prices. They’ve helped many individuals, small businesses, and large corporations, increase their Instagram follower count.

Social Rush has the experience and quality you need to succeed with your Instagram campaign. More importantly, this is a company you can put both your money and trust into. They have a clean record and a positive, satisfied customer base that is steadily growing.

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies as an exchange medium, social media marketing websites are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Social Rush is one of those where you can use Bitcoin to buy Instagram likes, views, and followers.


DELA DISCOUNT Famoid-600x264 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Over the past few years, Famoid has become one of the more famous providers of social media promotions. Famoid was founded in 2017 and since the very beginning, their aim was to help their customers achieve the social media heights of their dreams. They have succeeded in doing so for over 27k social media users all over the world.

The number has kept growing as Famoid keeps getting more popular and better. And when we talk about being better, When you buy Instagram followers from Famoid, you get organic followers from real profiles that are active and verified on the platform. Your account will also be completely safe because Famoid uses only white hat methods instead of using bots or mass-producing temporary accounts.

To add more to the legitimacy, Famoid delivers their orders gradually which gives the process a natural feel. There is a good range of plans available on their website going from 100 to 15k followers. All of the followers are protected against drops and are compatible with Instagram ads. 

Turbo Media

DELA DISCOUNT Turbo-Media-600x249 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

For a long time, users didn’t even know it was possible to buy Instagram followers. Many of those who knew, feared it would get their accounts in trouble or gadgets hacked. The concept of paid followers has gone more mainstream now but it doesn’t mean you can simply go with any website. There are a lot of scammers out there but many genuine ones like Turbo Media as well.

Turbo Media is one of the most reputed social media marketing websites today and for all the right reasons. They have been around for a good while and have a strong customer base. One of the biggest advantages of using Turbo Media is its free followers. Any user with an account can get 10 free followers every 2 days.

If you want a bigger quantity, their paid plans offer from 250 to 200k followers in a single order. Turbo Media also accepts Bitcoin which makes them even better. Other than views, you can also buy Instagram likes with Bitcoin from here as well as views.

Media Mister

DELA DISCOUNT Media-Mister-600x293 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

There are hundreds of social media suppliers online but no one does it as Media Mister can. In their own words, Media Mister is the only resource one would ever need to win on the biggest social media platforms. Not only the company but their 50k+ customers believe in that as well.

With its genuine service and exceptional quality, Media Mister has established itself as the leader of social media marketing. When it comes to Instagram, this is the place that can get you, legitimate followers, at the best prices. One of the biggest features of their followers service is their targeting system.

If you want your followers to be from a specific place, you can choose to buy targeted followers with over 50 countries to choose from. Media Mister’s fast delivery service is another positive as most of their orders get fulfilled within 48 hours. Other than followers, if you want to buy Instagram likes, Bitcoin is accepted at Media Mister as a form of payment. 


DELA DISCOUNT Followersup-600x276 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

FollowersUp was built by a team of highly experienced social media marketers who understand the importance of your social presence. This is what sets them apart from many of their competitors. The people working behind the scenes are the experts of this field and know what they are doing.

FollowersUp has been around since 2016, and thus experience has only helped them get better and better every year. This is what makes them one of the best options to buy Instagram followers with bitcoin from. They also accept crypto for payments so you can buy Instagram followers with Bitcoin with no hassle. 

The reason for FollowersUp’s success and reputation shows itself in their features and record both. They offer complete refunds over failed orders to give their customers a sense of monetary security. They provide genuine followers instead of bots and in their 5 years of working, none of their customers have reported getting their accounts banned. This fact in itself is as impressive as their prices if not more. 


DELA DISCOUNT VastLikes-600x289 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Vastlike is a site that can help you get more followers on Instagram in the easiest way possible ever. Regardless of your niche, this site will help you with your social media marketing campaign by providing you with affordable high-quality followers.

Getting more attention for your profile means getting more exposure for your business and these followers are a must for getting attention. They can get you however many followers you want and they do it quick. The minimum size of order you can place is of 100 followers but you can go as high as 100k followers.

The delivery speed depends on the size of the order but Vastlikes offer some of the quickest delivery times on the internet. Their price tags are equally impressive and get even better with regular discounts. There is an option to create a discount code on the website that can save you some more money.

VastLikes makes the entire process better with their great service and extraordinary support. They also support cryptocurrency so you can buy Instagram followers with Bitcoin safely. 


DELA DISCOUNT Likes.io_-1-600x264 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Likes.io has been a constant presence in social media marketing in the past few years. Especially if we only talk about companies that are exclusive to Instagram, then Likes.io is definitely one of the top three. Them only focusing on Instagram has enabled the company to perfect its services. With less quantity to worry about, Likes.io has been consistently providing quality to Instagram users all over the world. 

All of the Instagram accounts offered by Likes.io are real people with active accounts and followers of their own. This provides a more authentic experience than services that offer bot-generated followers. They make a difference more than just visually. Having real followers boosts your engagement as they do not simply disappear.

Even if your followers drop, Likes.io replenishes them for absolutely free. Likes.io has two categories of followers, normal quality and premium quality. The normal followers are cheaper but premium followers come with a lifetime refill guarantee which makes for a better deal.


DELA DISCOUNT InstaSmarter-600x264 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Founded in 2013, InstaSmarter is probably the oldest social media marketing platform to be still active and relevant. They might not be the most famous but have developed a loyal base of over 1.5k regular customers which is a big deal.

There is no point in buying followers that are bots or inactive accounts. They provide no benefits and might even get your account flagged. You might end up loading both your money and account which one would obviously want to avoid. InstaSmarter delivers real Instagram followers that can interact with your account, increasing engagement on your content.

It will bring more people to your profile, and the cycle of organic growth will continue. You can start shopping from the smallest plan of 100 followers to give them a try. The biggest available plan is of 10k followers.

You can also buy Instagram likes with Bitcoin here which comes as an extra feature. Not everyone has PayPal and international transactions can get tricky. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin make it easier than ever and InsatSmarter deserves credit for implementing this in their website. 

Mr. Insta

DELA DISCOUNT Mr.-Insta-1-600x249 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Mr. Insta is a team of social media experts with years of experience in the social marketing field. They do not simply go around selling random followers. These experts know their way around different algorithms and behaviors of Instagram, and also the strategies to make it big on this platform. They have a great reputation on the market and they provide customers with high-quality services that have proven to be effective. 

Mr. Insta deserves extra points for the fact that they provide free followers for all of their costumes. The quantity might be low but is still a nice touch. Mr. Insta is very different than other similar websites as their plans are based on daily followers. You get the option to choose between 15, 30, or 60 followers daily. Mr. Insta gets another win simply because of the fact that they accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. It’s about time cryptocurrency becomes a mainstream mode of payment and websites like these are just what we need to kick it off.


DELA DISCOUNT BuzzVoice-600x264 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

For many social media marketers, finding the right place to buy Instagram followers is a difficult task. It used to be even harder years ago when social media marketing wasn’t a mainstream thing. BuzzVoice was created keeping that in mind and it has been delivering high-quality services ever since. They have managed to keep up with the pace of the industry while improving themselves and offering the best deals for their customers. 

When you visit BuzzVoice for the first time, you know you are in for a good experience. Everything looks so professional and so stylish, it looks like it belongs to a multi-million dollar corporation. The quality of their followers is even better and you can buy followers from a wide range of plans worth 50-50k followers. All of their followers come with a 30-day retention guarantee. 

BuzzVoice is a company that was ahead of the curve when it came to understanding the mindset of today’s web-savvy consumers. They then proceeded to deliver on the expectations of their clients by introducing a permanent system for Bitcoin transactions.

Buy Social Media Marketing

DELA DISCOUNT Buy-Social-Media-Marketing-600x251 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Being the last entry on this list, in no way represents their quality. In fact, BSMM is one of the most elite social media providers active today. They offer a wide range of plans that help to increase your social media presence in the long run. The plans are curated wisely to fit the needs of any scale.

From a few hundred followers’ boost to starting from scratch with thousands of them, BSMM can help you big time. You will get to focus on creating content while they work on getting your account noticed through their legitimate and trusted service.

In a single order, you can get from 100 to 25k followers in total. Their delivery begins within 12 hours which is pretty impressive. 

In the last decade, Bitcoin has gone from being an unknown, underground cryptocurrency to a widely-known form of payment. It took a while to make its way to social media marketing but that is not the case anymore due to websites like BSMM and more. They accept a staggering 12 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, and more.


DELA DISCOUNT Fansv 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

While certainly not a global brand, Fansv is a powerfully emerging name in the field of social media marketing. The company has been in the shadows of others for a while but in the recent times, it has gained a lot of exposure. Fansv’s focus on Instagram has made it one of the most popular and trusted companies for Instagram users and brands active on this platform. By offering a simple and cost-effective solution for Instagrammers, Fans has expanded exponentially over the past year. 

The company is bound to get only better with time but still has plenty of quality to offer. You can choose from 6 plans of Instagram followers here that range from 100 to 5k in terms of quantity. However, you can not buy more than 50k followers in a single month from here.

While it may seem like a limitation, you won’t be needing more than that in a month. They’re one of the few companies that can accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This makes them stand out from their peers despite being a rather new name in the industry. 


DELA DISCOUNT GetAFollower-952x500 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

As one might assume from the name, GetAFollower is known for the quality of followers you can buy from the website. GetAFollower offers a variety of follower packages at an affordable price that can boost your business and get you on the road to success. This makes GetAFollower one of the most trusted sites to buy Instagram followers with bitcoin.

Buying Instagram followers can be a tedious task, but their professionals have made it as easy as possible for their clients. All you need to do is provide an account’s URL, select a package, and pay. They do not ask for passwords or any other sensitive pieces of information. There are a lot of options when it comes to selecting a package.

You can buy from 500 to 500k followers with a targeted country of your choice. GetAFollower understood the increasing importance of cryptocurrency and made sure to get along. They allow customers to use Bitcoin to buy Instagram views, likes, followers, and everything else.

Likes Team

DELA DISCOUNT Likes-Team 21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers with Bitcoin in 2022 DELA DISCOUNT

Likes Team is a social media marketing platform that excels at selling high-quality, genuine Instagram followers. If you’re looking to become a social media star on Instagram but don’t quite have enough followers, Likes Team will take care of that for you. They’ve created a safe space for Instagram users who want to buy followers but fear getting scammed or banned. 

One of the biggest features of Likes Team is their extensive targeting. You can choose to target followers based on not only their location but for their gender as well. It is also one of the very few websites where you can buy as many as a million followers in a single order. The prices you find on the website are already very enticing but the company offers extra benefits for those loyal to them. You can get an extra 20% discount on all of their products by simply joining their mailing list. 

While many websites were reluctant to incorporate cryptocurrencies, Social Rush was one of the frontiers that decided to go against the wind. The website has a fully-functional and secure Bitcoin transaction system that every crypto enthusiast would love. 


Buying followers on Instagram can be a great shortcut to increasing your presence and brand awareness on the platform. If handled correctly, even a small budget can have big results. Many scammers use underhanded tactics to get you to buy their services and give you nothing in return.

The best way to avoid this is to do thorough research before spending your money. Here was a guide to the best and the most reliable websites where you can buy followers with Bitcoin. All of them have their different features and prices, but every one of them guarantees results.

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