17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022)

Multiple apps provide TikTok followers to the video creators. TikTok creators are able to grow over the years because of the followers they can fetch. All these watchers from around the world are going to increase the audience of any creator. Creators tend to like TikTok because it has almost half a billion audience for the newest videos. There is ample scope to grow on TikTok taking the help of every possible TikTok followers apps. People look for more onlookers than they have constantly to make their content reach beyond boundaries.

Here is the list of the 17 Best Tik Tok Followers Apps.


DELA DISCOUNT TokSocial-1093x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

TokSocial acts as a perfect TikTok growth app. For dedicated organic growth, the advanced technology of TokSocial works best. TokSocial uses advanced filters for its clients to offer the organic growth they need from a target audience. Buyers can expect real results from TokSocial as a dedicated account manager is facilitating the work. With the effort of expert managers, TokSocial gives its clients the chance to go viral on TikTok.

All these facilities come with two weekly plans. A regular plan for $15/week offers only selective and moderate growth, but the Pro plan comes up with a $25/week policy. Maximum growth and support that TikTok creators need easily come from TokSocial. Beyond all of this, positive reviews from prior users and multiple brands taking their help clearly show the efficacy of TokSocial.

Seek Socially

DELA DISCOUNT Seek-Socially-1202x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

Seek Socially offers a chance to grow with AI-based technology. The AI is able to provide only genuine TikTok followers without any possibility of fakes or bots. Seek Socially is trustworthy and always offers the chance to grow like they are helping thousands of brands globally.

The weekly user count clearly depicts the number of people staying interested. The first part of gaining followers from TikTok followers apps is targeting. A dedicated target audience is important for TikTok.

Next comes the option to grab their attention and Seek Socially focuses on this. An expert team from Seek Socially takes care of all the audience interactions. All that TikTok accounts needs is the AI-based growth plan.

There are monthly plans for $44, but people prefer the $$99/month plan as it takes care of everything. Buyers can just create content and expect unlimited growth that goes even beyond their potential.


DELA DISCOUNT TokUpgrade-1093x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

Heading on to TokUpgrade now, people can expect the fastest possible growth. It only takes $25/week to get maximum organic growth in addition to AI-mediated targeting.

TokUpgrade offers a special chance to auto-engage with the target audience. It is all about growing with real followers and the AI-mediated system specifically brings organic followers.

Growing on TokUpgrade is like having automated management. Starting from safe and secure TikTok growth, in-depth advance targeting is possible. Buyers can expect 200% growth in content engagement. The likes and engagement ratio keeps increasing posting every new video.

The iron-clad refund policy makes people feel safe while investing, As the engagement in the content grows with the followers, people find the growth plans essential. TokUpgrade goes beyond their targeted viewers of the TikTok videos.


DELA DISCOUNT TokCaptain-1202x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

TokCaptain is a perfect source to get a hold of TikTok followers. It is a single dedicated platform to increase the exposure of the TikTok creators among the masses. All those who need instant results after investing must head on to TokCaptain. All those genuine likes only facilitate positive growth on TikTok.

Boosting the reach of the videos can bring a huge audience and as the follower count increases, it brings new people too. Buyers from TokCaptain lets creators drive the extra mile with their content. As the best source to buy TikTok followers, this seems to be an affordable option.

Buying TikTok followers takes only $2.99 while the premium plan costs $5.99. This one-time fee is definitely low enough for anyone to get help with their TikTok. Using the blog posts buyers can get the help they need from TokCaptain to become famous on TikTok.

Social Booster

DELA DISCOUNT Social-Booster-1093x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

As the No.1 SMM app, Social Booster has made quite a name for itself. It offers the chance to grow with the content on different social websites. But the best thing is ordering packages here. Getting worldwide followers at the speed of 15000/day is definitely not an easy task. Spending only $1.13 people can get 250 followers in an hour. This stable growth is the expectation of many social media creators.

Buyers just need to set the number of followers and add the link and Social Booster is going to take their TikTok account ahead. An interactive live chat comes up providing help with the services. But the best facility here is the variations of TikTok plans. From likes to account verification, everything is available here. At such prices, even beginners can expect to grow really fast with their accounts.


DELA DISCOUNT TikFans-1202x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

TikFans has one of the largest TikTok communities with creators around the world. This app is completely free with thousands of people seeking growth in their follower count or engagement. Boosting the TikTok account keeps getting easier with TikFans and the module of tiktok followers apps.

Creators joining TikFans can follow other creators and gain stars. Those stars bring them followers and likes on the content as creators expect. This app engages in the form of followers for every follow. As a community on TikTok, this is completely free because people follow each other.

TikFans is all set to provide only organic growth with real creators as it is a community of real people. This needs no surveys or human verification making it accessible to all creators. Steady growth is everything people expect and in a fun manner, TikFans delivers that to the community.


DELA DISCOUNT TikFamous-1093x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

TikFamous is a simple website where people can manually increase their followers. At the start, the app verifies the account of the creator before looking for followers or engagement. After verification on tiktok followers apps, just one click on the number of followers is all it takes.

The AI-driven system facilitates TikFamous to bring the creators all the engagement they need. It is simple enough and takes just 3 minutes to complete. People like this facility as it is not only simple but effective. Efficacy of the plan is possible with just 500 followers to even 5000 followers. All it needs is simply paying for the plan and growth.

This simple interface is there for any person to order just as they like it. Even beginners can expect optimum growth within a day with the automated system. The three-step process definitely grabs the attention that people need.

Social Follow

DELA DISCOUNT Social-Follow-1202x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

Social Follow is a dedicated platform that begins with some free followers for all TikTok users. People can expect 10 free followers to get an idea of engagement. Buying real followers is completely based on the experience that creators have with free followers of Social Follow.

The most selected plan for premium followers is available for $19, offering 500 steady followers. People are fond of premium followers because of the engagement. But the best benefit is the instant delivery of all these followers.

At such a price range getting all these viewers of the content turns simple. Social Follow is able to create a huge follower base for its creators. All it needs is this secret weapon to unleash the best possible growth on TikTok including engagement.

TikPlus Pro

DELA DISCOUNT TikPlus-Pro-1093x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

Growing together with TikPlus Pro just got better as it acts as a promotional app to promote TikTok content and the account. As there are multiple new users associated with the app, getting followers is easy. At the start, the backing of a few thousand followers acts as the benefit for the account.

Becoming a TikTok sensation can be a reality for free. Just by importing the content to the new community, there is a strong chance of becoming famous. TikPlus Pro definitely sets the standard high with all those followers from the start.

TikPlus Pro has enough people in the community who are constantly engaging. More engagement leads to higher viewership. Importing the videos to this platform really counts and all of this for free is worth taking a bet.


DELA DISCOUNT TikBooster-1202x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

TikBooster endorses a community of TikTok video creators that are keen on creating a community. It is a free application where people earn points when they follow other creators or provide engagement. Putting these coins to use, they can excel in adding more followers to their TikTok account.

The first focus of TikTok video creators is to build a standard follower base. TikBooster just provides that without any hesitation. This is not a buying platform with packages. It depends on people in the community following each other and engaging in the content.

After installing the app seeing the TikTok videos that people import, people can earn coins and put them to use. Joining in to be a part of this community is a wise option, considering it offers growth on TikTok without investment.


DELA DISCOUNT SidesMedia-1202x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT


If gaining exposure is the ultimate motive behind getting TikTok followers, then the best apps offer the perfect role for it. The highest engagement from SidesMedia get to keep pushing the number of TikTok followers. Getting as many as 25000 followers is possible with SidesMedia spending only $399 on one of the best tiktok followers apps.

Dedicated management with 24/7 customer support is everything that SidesMedia needs. All plans for followers at a discounted price attract the attention of clients. Climbing on top of TikTok as a creator turns simple with SidesMedia. Standing out among the crowd is possible with authentic followers from SidesMedia packages. Plans starting from just $5 with all active followers increase the audience. TikTok videos need a stable audience to rise up among so many creators. Getting activity from the followers clearly induces the popularity and engagement of every new video.


DELA DISCOUNT UseViral-1093x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

UseViral is active as a steady platform to grow on TikTok. Instantly get started with just $5 only and start gaining followers. With an added layer of auto-refill guarantee, the TikTok account is all set to keep growing with any intention to stop. For beginners, the standard followers are perfect to boost up their follower rating.

Those people who intend to exercise their shot at going viral must try premium followers of UseViral. It takes just $8 to have 100 premium followers on TikTok. These are serious followers who will not just follow but engage in every post too. Higher quality of followers with the possibility of instant delivery is exactly what creators need. Quick and safely grow the TikTok account with thousands of followers. UseViral is always there to support from beginners to veteran creators in their TikTok journey with more viewers at the most affordable range.


DELA DISCOUNT FreeTikFollowers-1202x500 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

Offering the best price guarantee FreeTikFollowers comes with a secure ordering process. Without the need for any password, people can order the facility. It paves the path to grow with a 24/7 support system of the tiktok followers apps. TikTok creators get to have 5000 followers instantly spending only $90.

Positive client reviews and three-step ordering is simple enough to help people beyond tech knowledge. Getting engagement with the support helps creators have followers and this support is everything that a new creator needs. Creators get to start with the free trial and finally use the paid packages. An additional growth guide is available to help with packages from FreeTikFollowers together with the support team to improve TikTok engagement.


DELA DISCOUNT TikTracker 17 Best Tiktok Followers Apps to Increase Engagement (2022) DELA DISCOUNT

TikTracker is a genuine tool that must be with every TikTok star. Video creators who are posting on TikTok want to have their videos flood with comments and likes. For all that they need viewers and TikTracker acts as the secret tool for that. The tiktok followers apps provide a strong boost to every TikTok account.

This is not just bound to followers, but attractive bios and hashtags. All these services are available sparing only the TikTok account name. It is completely secure without asking for any password which makes it safe for all mobile users. Just posting on TikTok is not enough as getting ample viewers adds to the growth. This can easily track the changes in the account in real-time. All the insights to become famous here is available with services from TikTracker.


TikFollowers is not just about getting free followers once. It offers the tricks to regularly keep growing the TikTok account through stable growth and engagement. Sending likes. Earning followers and engagement is according to the requirements of the creator.

Beyond just free followers, TikTok credit packages have huge popularity. It takes only $4.99 for 2500 followers and with it 15000 likes. People buying packages do not need to follow other channels, instead, it brings direct follower growth to all VIP members. All that creators need is a real presence in their accounts.

Gain TikTok Followers

Gain app acts as a dedicated TikTok booster offering both likes and fans for free. There are scratch cards available after tasks to gain coins and eventually use them to gain followers. Following the steps, people can easily climb up the ladder of TikTok growth. Gain definitely helps people gain popularity among the viewers and creators.

Getting hashtags to have better traffic in all the videos is possible with Gain. By getting the help of the Gain app directed to having TikTok followers, people can have a better shot at success. There is a steady viewer base that can add to followers on the account.

With compromising security, these tiktok followers apps are great for budding creators. Beginners looking to grab the attention of people are going to get organic followers instantly.


TikFame gets to be the best TikTok follower service from the stable creator community. More exposure of the community brings more followers on TikTok. Discovering new creators and getting followed by them can increase the potential audience.

As more people watch videos, they can expect more engagement and fans of the content. It follows a similar module of getting stars for following people and watching videos which get used for personal benefits of TikTok growth.

Increasing the video likes and followers comes as an optimum possibility. All this is a fun way to get the desired engagement and everything here is free. Without spending a single penny getting all this engagement is worth it.


Multiple apps are now available that directly provide TikTok followers at an affordable price. All the plans including one-time charges or monthly charges are within the range of commoners.

So even without a verification tag or viral content, people can buy these packages and make their content go viral. This acts as a steady platform for all TikTok creators and most of these are free apps that help grow a follower base based on a community of creators.

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