Infineon upgrades Class D audio amplifier

In the 100-400 W/channel range, the module is suitable for consumer products including home theaters in a box, soundbars, subwoofers, and mini-component systems.

It is suited for professional applications like active speakers, active studio monitors, guitar amplifiers, aftermarket car, and marine audio amplifiers.

Coming in a  7 x 7 mm 2 42-pin QFN package, the device integrates a dual-channel PWM controller, a high-voltage gate driver, and four low R DS(ON) MOSFETs.

Τhanks to its  low R DS(on) class D output stage (24.4 mΩ typical), it can deliver 2 x 100 W at 4 Ω operating absolutely heatsink-free or 2 x 200 W at 4 Ω with a small 8°C/W heatsink.

The device  offers differential or single-ended input and multiple output configuration options, single-ended (2x SE), bridge-tied load (BTL), and parallel single-ended (PSE), using a single or split power supply.

Enabling an SE topology as an alternative to BTL allows for reduced bus capacitors and output low-pass filters.

The module integrates protection circuitry for functions such as over-current, over-temperature, and under-voltage protection with self-reset capability.

This on-chip protection circuitry saves the time to design protection using external protection components.

Additionally, a new internal logic scheme to control soft-start operation delivers a further reduction of click and pop noise.

Based on its improved features, MA5332MS reduces BOM cost and thermal management concerns, providing more space for the industrial design and delivering superior efficiency and low output distortion.

The device can be ordered now in a PG-IQFN-42 package. More information is available at and

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