LED range offers 17 colours plus whites

Cree has launched a 1.6 x 2mm (1mm tall) led range with 17 colour options, plus whites.

Called ‘Element G’ leds, they are aimed at colour mixing applications and are said to have “nearly 3x the light output of the XQ-E and 9x the lumen density of XP-E2”, said Cree.

There are nine colours emitted direct from die: violet, royal blue, blue, cyan, green, amber, red-orange, red and ‘photo red’ (650-670nm).

Plus eight colours with a phosphor converter (PC) on top of the die: blue, cyan, mint, lime, yellow, amber, red-orange and red.

As well as whites at 6,500, 5,700, 5,000, 4,000, 3,500, 3,000, 2,700 and 2,200K, almost all with CRI options at 70, 80 or 90.

Colour matching over temperature and ageing are likely to be two of the reasons for having similar colours in direct and phosphor-converted versions – the longer wavelength direct emitters probably use AlInGaP die rather that GaN die.

DELA DISCOUNT Cree-Element-E-colour-leds-hiRes-300x142 LED range offers 17 colours plus whites DELA DISCOUNT

Viewing angles are all around 125° and max current is 3A, while it looks like 1A is the nominal drive current and the current at which many characterisitcs are measured.

Electrically, the thermal pad is electrically isolated, and ESD protection is included.

The Element G product page can be found here and there is a quick reference sheet here.

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