The best software to manage prices on Shopify Period!

The Konigle team has done a great job, making a product that will save a Shopify store time and increase profit margins. Rest assured that I will be using this app to manage my products. 

Konigle has such an easy user interface that you don’t have to learn anything new. It just does the job for you. I used another software for a long time, but when the pricing changed, it was no longer a good fit for me.

I looked at Konigle in my spare time and thought, hey, I should try this out. They do the job of multiple apps, but at a fraction of the cost. I found Konigle to be more user-friendly than other apps.

There are a few features that you will get behind their plans, but other than that, you get a free trial, and then it’s only $18/mo to access all of the features they offer. I even showed this app to one of my employees who has been using other apps for pricing  for over five years, and she said she would never go back as this helps make her work so much easier.

I use the Bulk Price Editor tool for price management. It’s easy to change prices all at once, and it’s super fast. With the margin protector tool, I am also able to save a lot of time updating prices to my desired margin automatically. This tool helps you keep your prices up to date, which is helpful for customers. Prices can change from one day to the next!

With Konigle you can also run flash sales in minutes and automatically revert the prices when the promotion ends. After the promotion, you can also get an automatic report of how the flash sale impacted your business. What I found absolutely amazing was that the Price Editor also had an option to send marketing emails and SMS to promote the flash sale. 

It’s nice that you have multiple tools that can help your eCommerce business become more profitable, depending on your needs. Konigle is a must-have app for Shopify stores.

Konigle also has an Inventory Management tool for managing consignments in multiple currencies and automatically calculating costs.

Konigle is an all-in-one Shopify tool that helps you manage your store by automating growth strategies, making your life easier, and increasing your bottom line. Here are the key features:

  • Bulk edit Shopify prices
  • Run scheduled promotions 
  • Inventory Management
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Generous free trial.
  • Contact the company directly through their website or request a demo to see what Konigle can do for your business.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with the Konigle app. It’s saved me a lot of time and money and the customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend Konigle to anyone who runs a Shopify store. Konigle is a handy app for Shopify store owners. 

Konigle is an essential app for anyone running a Shopify store. 

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First, you would like to filter the products. It would be best to determine which product pricing has to be changed. For that, konigle gives you a bunch of filters to choose from. The filters are always that good part of the software we never realize. Konigle provides you with many filters and magic filters to choose from.

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Configure prices

You can configure prices by choosing from increasing, decreasing, or keeping costs constant. You can set your expenditures by a number or multiplier. You can also seek for yourself whether you need to round off or not. These psychological tricks work in e-commerce, we all know.

The dashboard also has a section describing a price hike and when it will be effective. If you notice, this software is the easiest to use if you want to edit your prices. I haven’t seen software so easy and the UI so catering to work on. It gives you all the steps on a single screen, making it very easy for you to change the prices in a bulk manner.

DELA DISCOUNT Configure-prices The best software to manage prices on Shopify Period! DELA DISCOUNT

The dashboard analysis

Not only does it has great features for data input and filtration, but it also has a dashboard for analysis. The last dashboard on the second screen appears when you complete the editing. The dashboard will inform you about the price change’s impact on your sales in a detailed view.

DELA DISCOUNT The-dashboard-analysis The best software to manage prices on Shopify Period! DELA DISCOUNT

Konigle was tested on a Shopify store importing and managing over 500,000 products in its database. The performance is excellent. The dashboard gives you all the necessary controls to keep track of your business.

Do give it a try!

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