One I missed: really small jumpers

How about some half the size – 50 thou or 1.27mm?

That is just what Mac8 of Japan makes.

You combine its space-saving HHP 1.27mm pitch surface-mount board edge connector – two or three-way – with its minimalist (U-shaped piece of wire*) JHP-3 jumper.

The HHP-2 (diag) is 3 x 3mm, the photo is of HHP-3s.

DELA DISCOUNT Mac8-tiny-jumper-239x300 One I missed: really small jumpers DELA DISCOUNT

There is a data sheet, which includes the sort of note that some company’s forget: As the crimping strength between the contact part and the resin part is weak, please apply an adhesive to the both sides (PC board and resin) and use.

*phosphor bronze, and looks like they found a way to round the ends to prevent snagging – neat.

The photo of the jumpers in action is taken from this Rohm eval kit user guide, mentioned in this article.

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