Infineon Technologies MOTIX™ BLDC TLE956X Motor Control Shield

Infineon Technologies MOTIX™ BLDC TLE956X Motor Control Shield (BLDCSHIELDTLE956XTOBO1) is a demonstration and development platform for the TLE9563-3QX Motor Control System IC. The TLE9563-3QX is a multifunctional system IC with an integrated power supply, communication interfaces, multiple half-bridges, and additional support features. The device is designed for various motor control automotive applications. To support these applications, the TLE9563-3QX provides the main functions, such as a 5V low-dropout voltage regulator, one HS-CAN transceiver supporting CAN FD, and CAN Partial Networking. The device also integrates three half-bridges for BDLC motor control, one current sense amplifier, and one 32-bit serial peripheral interface (SPI).

The Infineon Technologies MOTIX BLDC TLE956X Motor Control Shield features a pre-installed TLE9563-3QX in a PG-VQFN-48 package. The Motor Control Shield also features an onboard Back-EMF detection circuit and a connector for a HALL sensor.

The TLE956X Motor Control Shield is designed to be controlled by the ConfigWizard GUI (Graphics User Interface) via the µIO-Stick Interface Device (not included). In addition, the Motor Control Shield features an Arduino-compatible interface, enabling it to be used with an Arduino UNO Microcontroller Board.


  • TLE9563-3QX Motor Control System IC
    • Operating voltage range 5.5V to 28V with 5V compatible logic input
    • Integrated reverse polarity protection with onboard EMC filter
    • Three integrated half-bridges MOSFETs
    • 5mΩ low-side current sense
  • High-Power RGB led driven by integrated High-Side switches
  • Onboard Back-EMF detection circuit
  • Connector for HALL-sensor
  • Three onboard N-channel MOSFETs
  • BEMF comparator
  • Connector for µIO-Stick Interface Device
  • Arduino example codes are available

Board Layout


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