N-Channel MOSFETs deliver ultra-low on-resistance

Vishay’s N-Channel MOSFETs combine ultra-low on-resistance with high temperature operation for telecom and industrial applications.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced two new N-channel TrenchFET MOSFETs that combine ultra-low on-resistance with high temperature operation to 175°C and high continuous drain current handling. Together, these features offer increased power density, efficiency, and board-level reliability in telecom and industrial applications.

In addition, the 60 V SiJH600E and 80 V SiJH800E N-channel MOSFETs, housed in the space-saving PowerPAK 8x8L package, helps deliver board-level reliability thanks to its bond wireless construction and gullwing leads for mechanical stress relief.

The ultra-low on-resistance of the SiJH600E and SiJH800E0.65 mΩ and 1.22 mΩ typical at 10 V, respectively — is 54% and 52% lower than same-generation devices in the PowerPAK SO-8, said Vishay. This results in energy savings by minimizing power losses due to conduction added the company.

For increased power density, the SiJH600E and SiJH800E deliver continuous drain current of 373 A and 288 A, respectively, in a package that is 60% smaller and 57% thinner than the D²PAK. Each MOSFET can be used in place of two PowerPAK SO-8 devices in parallel to save space, said Vishay.

Target applications include synchronous rectification in power supplies, motor drive control, battery management, and power tool applications. The SiJH600E and SiJH800E devices are lead (Pb)-free, halogen-free, and RoHS-compliant. They also are 100% Rg and UIS tested. Samples are available now.

more information: https://www.vishay.com/ppg?63073

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